We have formed Dubai Pug Club as a meeting place for like minded owners whose pugs hold a very special place in their heart. Dubai Pug Club gives our little affectionate clowns the opportunity to make new friends, play, and interact with each other at our fortnightly playdates in Dubai. Pugs love to play and socialising is a great way for them to experience new things, as well as celebrating birthdays and other seasonal festivities. Dubai Pug Club also provides owners with a chance to exchange ideas and discuss common pug concerns.

Join Dubai Pug Club and together we can enjoy what our little pugs offer us - their uniqueness that keeps us constantly entertained, their ability to make us laugh and their mischievous behavior that keep us on our toes!

Dubai Pug Club is NOT a breeder's group and we not support the selling or breeding of pugs in the UAE.
It is illegal to breed and sell dogs in the UAE without a license!

For enquiries, please email - laura@dubaipugclub.com

You can also find us on facebook

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